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Ernesto Lube - The new bike smell

Ernesto a readily & renewable biodegradable soy-based metal lubricating fluid made for your bike chain...and for you to not feel guilty about the environment. It is in par with synthetic oils, yet, there's a degree of friendliness to the environment. We're in the Midwest, and we like our fields green where the girls are pretty...


Lubrication is what keeps metals from wasting away in friction (that's why car engines need oil changes) and ERNESTO BIKE LUBE, being that it's healthy for the environment, will do you good for a while, because it lasts a while. Just wipe off the excess and you're set to go...for a while. Then do it again.


Questions arise...flat out, we add non-toxic additives to make this formula stick to metal. Quiets and lubricates the chain. We've been asked "what if I buy vegetable oil from the store?" Answer: go ahead, unless you want to reapply over and over and have crows follow you and peck at your head...


Don't forget to wear your helmet, and if you have kids, drag their asses outside and teach them a thing or two...


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